How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy

Given what we know about how important video is to the sales process, let’s take a look at what it takes to develop a successful video marketing strategy:
1. Develop your personas and customer journey – To make sure your videos connect with your customers, you need to be sure that you’re targeting the right message to the right audience. To do so, it’s important to take the time to find these consumer insights before creating your video. While text can be easily rewritten, videos take a lot more resources to be re-done. So it’s important to try to get these insights right before beginning production. Make sure that your messages match your brand voice in every instance.
2. Build KPIs and goals – Next, it’s important to create measurable goals and KPIs for your video campaign. Without goals, you can’t calculate ROI and prove that your videos are working. To learn what works well for your audience, perform some A/B tests (Create Media leverages our partner, Just Media, to provide these insights), and then determine what “good” looks like for your brand.
3. Determine the type of video and platform – There are many platforms on which to host your video, including Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, e-publications, traditional television ads and more. It’s important to research where your audience spends time and which platform is the best fit for the tone of your message. Some content platforms are better for short-term campaign videos, while others are better for live videos. Still others (like YouTube) are best for longer videos that you want to have some staying power.
4. Create cost effective, valuable videos – First make sure that your video is easily recognizable with visual-striking branding, and then tell a story that matches your goals and your brand. You can choose to create your video in-house or work with an external agency to build them for you. In-house videos are typically built more quickly and can be more easily edited later, while external videos ensure your content looks professional and appeals to your audience. External videos can range from very affordable to very costly, depending on the agency you choose and the message you’re trying to send to your audience.
Mike Aldo, Create Media

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